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A limitless, clean, renewable and low-cost energy source.

It is a well known fact that if we carry on consuming fossil fuels at the same rate, we are going to run out within 60 years. Fossil fuels are not renewable, but solar is. Solar power has around 5 billion years left, making it the ultimate renewable energy source. We simply take the light from the sun and use the energy to power everything in our World for billions of years to come.

It’s environmentally friendly

Burning coal, oil and natural gas produces carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide has been undeniably linked to global warming, health problems and an overall negative impact on our planet. Solar energy produces zero carbon, and more than this it does not require mining, blasting, drilling or potentially dangerous extraction techniques. It is clean, quiet and produces no waste, damage or disruption to communities or wildlife.

Solar is sustainable

So sustainable in fact, that if the whole planet switched over to it tomorrow, we could rely on it to power everything for billions of years without damaging the environment. But, more than simply the previous two points combined, the fact that solar is sustainable means it can help mankind continue to grow and develop more in harmony with the surrounding world.

It can power change

Whilst we specialise in large scale utility plants for wide scale grid supply, solar energy can be used for a variety of purposes. As well as generating electricity, or photovoltaics, it can generate heat too. Solar is also a great way to help developing countries provide their people warmth, health and pump clean water.

The most exciting part is that we are only at the beginning of solar power. The uses and efficiency of solar energy are only going to increase as more of the world switches over and new technology enables ever-increasing levels of energy capture.

It’s low-cost

With no moving parts, no heavy machinery and very little human intervention, solar energy plants are very low-maintenance. This helps keep costs down and therefore keep the end-price to consumers down, lowering energy bills. Once the solar farm is set up, it simply collects the energy and converts it to electricity. In fact, the only part in a solar farm that would need changing is the inverter, and that is only after 5-10 years of continuously converting solar energy into electricity.

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