Stage 1

Site appraisal, legal review and heads of terms

Upon registering a site, we will undertake a desktop review looking at several key elements that work to define a successful solar farm location. Should a site be successful in this process, we will then issue ‘heads of terms’ document that contains our financial and legal offer to the landowner. This document indicates the term of the land lease and the yearly rental income.

Once this is executed, we will conduct a title search of the property and look to enter into an option agreement to lease. When this is executed we immediately start the development process at our own cost.

Stage 2

Permits, licences and authorisations

We engage our professional team to complete all the required studies; environmental, ecology, and heritage etc., to ensure we have addressed all the potential issues prior to submitting a planning application. This is to ensure we are successful when we submit the final applications. We also complete the outline design of the project at this stage and liaise with the grid operators to obtain the most suitable grid connection point.

We always keep the land owner up to date of the unfolding developments.

Stage 3

Design and engineering

Once all the regulatory consents have been obtained, we immediately begin the detailed construction design, taking into account any comments that were received during the planning process.

Our experience allows us to optimise the design so that the completed plant will deliver superior performance.

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Stage 4

Construction and commissioning

Once the detailed design is completed, we start construction. Typically this is the quickest part of the development with construction taking between 4 – 12 weeks depending on the size of the project. We work with leading Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors who have a wealth of experience in constructing solar plants.

Once the plant is built there is a short period of testing and then the plant is commissioned and operational.

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