How solar works

Solar power generation is a process that generates electricity using light, not sunshine, it is a natural process that doesn’t have any harmful effect on the environment.

The chart below explains how Solar PV works.

Characteristics of land suitable for solar

  • Low grade agricultural land or former brownfield sites (landfills, quarries etc)
  • Located in areas that it will not cause any visual obtrusion to existing neighbours
  • Flat or south facing land with as few on site obstructions as possible which might cause shading
  • Not located in a protected area or national park
  • Located near a potential grid connection point
  • Land in excess of 15 hectares

Coexisting with agriculture

We see a solar plant as a solar farm: we harvest the earth’s natural resource to create a needed commodity. Our objective is not to take over this countryside with this new type of farming, we want to coexist and blend into the existing landscape.

Our strategy is to continue to allow sheep grazing within our developments allowing for farming to continue.

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