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From finding land to handing over a commissioned plant, we deliver the perfect sites for solar farms around the globe.

What we do

We find, assess and prepare land around the world for the construction of highly-productive solar farms. We have a proven track record in the development of solar projects and our work involves all aspects of PV project development; site appraisal, obtaining all the required authorisations, permits and consents, financing and construction oversight.

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Delivering the perfect sites for solar

From brownfield properties to farmland, we supply quality sites that have been responsibly chosen and expertly assessed. Each site receives a full review from industry specialists, looking at the key elements that combined together define a successful solar site. This ensures our portfolio is among the best in the world and any investment you commit to is made on solid ground.

Helping you work to your strengths

Just as your expertise lies in construction or energy delivery, ours is in solar farm land preparation. For a successful site, we will conduct all of the following at our own cost:

  • Prepare a financial and legal offer to the landowner
  • Arrange the land lease and the yearly rental income
  • Complete the required environmental, ecology and heritage studies
  • Create the early outline design of the project
  • Submit the planning applications
  • Liaise with the grid operators to obtain the most suitable grid connection point
  • Review planning consent notes and create a detailed construction design
  • Work alongside leading construction companies to deliver the plant

Our experience, combined with our thorough approach to both sourcing land, working with land owners and preparing the site, ensures a smooth transition to a solar PV farm. We also ensure we have addressed all the potential issues prior to submitting a planning application in order to maximise the likelihood of permission being granted. To find out more about what we do, take a look at our Plant Development Process.

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